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3/2 mm

4/3 mm

5/3 mm

2/2 mm

Made not to be felt

Our ultimately ergonomical design.
Delivered to be limitless, powered by exploration


Mineralprene offers unprecedented lightness and comfort. It is the foundational ingredient of our wetsuit composition.


Graphene is a Nobel prize winning material. It is derived from carbon. Graphene wrapped yarns enables the maintenance of warmth for longer.


Yulex is made from purified natural rubber materials. It enables us to create high performing and environmentally sustainable products.

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Meticulous Design

When material science is combined with meticulous design, high functioning products are born. Our community is what defines us. Over the past year, our athletes have joined our HQ for some vigorous product testing. The result? Highly Innovative products conducive of a flow state.

Find flow. Live deeply.

We aim to elevate our surfing community to a flow state.
At deeply we harness science and technology to develop great products with minimal impact

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